[ET77] Martin Hoogeboom – ‘Where Do We Go From Here?’

Where Do We Go From Here?Where Do We Go From Here?

While the political, economic and ecological perspectives of human society seem to worsen every day, I occasionally feel the need to retreat into a great forest. A log cabin – preferably a little one, because in addition to all my defects and neuroses, I have a special fondness for small wooden houses 🙂 – stands there, containing a harmonium. They have a sound that is both earthly and, let’s shamelessly use this devalued term once again, spiritual.

Unfortunately, we are sucked into a world without forests, log cabins and harmoniums. But do not despair: our hope is placed in positive thinkers such as the architect Aad Breed, who lets us live in pyramid cities. Which is also pleasant.

Until then, I make forest-music using my acoustic guitar and a loop station in my own house. I’ve been doing this for years, and these pieces are almost always the basis of my soundscapes. They can be heard in their pure form for their first time on this Etched Traumas release.

Sound designer Theo Calis has used his special magic to give these pieces a warm harmonium-like sound.

Martin Hoogeboom Summer 2014

An Etched Traumas release ET77 July 2014

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