[ET84] Their Teeth to Points – A Budget of Paradoxes

A Budget of Paradoxes

We are proud of releasing this amazing album titled A Budget of Paradoxes by Canadian experimental music project Their Teeth to Points. The album title comes from an eclectic collection of fringe/alternative scientific theories, published in 1872 by a British mathematician named August De Morgan.  The album can be understood as a kind of alternative science project in itself: both as an effort to make sense of a tumultuous life transition, and also because the five tracks presented here rely on custom sound effects and sound manipulation software which the artist has developed over the last year.  The album cover art is by Sean Gadoury.


Their Teeth to Points is the main creative outlet for a sound artist based near Toronto, Canada.  Their Teeth to Points is an experiment in audio manipulation, sound collage, field recordings, digital synthesis, and various algorithmic composition techniques.

An Etched Traumas release ET84 June 2015

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