[ET98] Chemiefaserwerk – Chemiefaserwerk


The results have no extra-musical philosophies behind them.


Christian Schiefner is a noise/tape musician from Berlin, Germany now living in Marseille, France. The label “Chemiefaserwerk” is nowadays the main output for his solo activities. Collaborations include The New IBM, TBC/CFW, Hiroshima Bird Market, Die Schacht and others. He released music on labels such as Self Help Tapes (Sweden), Blue Tapes & X- Ray Records (UK), Midnight Circles (Germany), Gold Soundz (Norway), Siltbreeze (US), Pan Y Rosas (US), SQRT (Poland), Econore (Germany) and others.

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Recorded for Etched Traumas by Christian Schiefner, 2015.

An Etched Traumas release ET98 June 2016