[ET109] Anton Lazarev & Anton Zagorulin – 15

Audio materials for the installation.

Synesthetic experience intended to be synergic: a little list of tracks dissecting the painting of the artist ??? from all sides.

15 sound splashes imparting extra dimensions, up to volume and smell, to the two-dimensional painting. According to the authors, things usually hidden behind a flat surface of a canvas should be opened by means of acoustical images.

The tracks themselves (it seems essential to call them “movements”, by old academic tradition) are laconic, homogeneous, moderately noisy, demonstrating, in essence, the fact: all our organs of sense are the same.

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Anton Zagorulin – art

Anton Lazarev – music

Russian Federation, Krasnodar Krai

An Etched Traumas release ET109 January 2016