Melophobia – Αποφυγή Αισθημάτων

δημιουργία, το Σάββατο 7 Ιούλη, 2012 από τις 2 μέχρι τις 6 το μεσημέρι Created on Saturday July 7, 2012, 14.00 to 18.00

Second part of 99th Special release for Etched Traumas.

*Track (05) contains samples from: 'Heavy' by BroodingSideOfMadness, 2005 out of 'A Dying Breed Of Urban Planners' 2011

*το (05) περιέχει δείγματα από : 'Heavy' του BroodingSideOfMadness, ηχογράφηση 2005, κυκλοφορία 'A Dying Breed Of Urban Planners' 2011


cover design by arsondpi

melophobia comes from Greece. He likes to experiment with long noise and drone sounds intermingled with field recordings and acoustic sounds. melophobia is heavily influenced by contemporary artists such as merzbow and early ’90s shoegaze scene. He is active with his ultra-limited releases of his 3″/5″ CDr label ‘illicit-tapes’. He cherishes the piles of his priceless jap noise C-xx tapes and obscure vinyls. Delve into the harshness of his work.

[ET99.2] An Etched Traumas release June 2016