REISEBÜRO86 – A Hereditary Monarchy

Etched Traumas welcomes REISEBÜRO86 the solo project of Hungarian artist Normal Gergely.

'A Hereditary Monarchy' is made of a classic piano music with distorted microphone. Complex and multi-level qualities contrast the grand piano melodies. The six movements of this album merge a decadent interwar feeling with an electrified dystopian ambiance.

"...reminds me of the world wars and the hereditary socialization problems of people. Like an innocent person in a war. Like a child who does not understand the world and his parents. It means for me that an end of a classic closed community, the healthy thoughts fighting with the narrow minded scene or a hopeless and neverending sadness." argues Gergely.

The Reisebüro86 is a deep, sensitive and personal approach of the noise-soundart. Always experimental and totally dark sounds with guitar, effects, flute, keyboard, looper, microphone and small metal strings and springs and other special objects. Normal's Improvised free musics fill out his strange and weird visual world.

An Etched Traumas release ET70 July 2014


The REISEBÜRO86 is a solo project of the hungarian visual artist Normal Gergely. Paintings: , and graphics work: . Besides this sideproject he is a member of the hungarian experimental-noise duo called "Toth Kina Hegyfalu" ,

The Reisebüro86 soundproject has 4 ep's.

1. Ontogeny // Petroglyph Netlabel (NOR) - review:
2. Lepisma Saccharina // Altered State Reflections (USA) review:
3. Legitimate Sacrifice // Tape Safe Records (BEL) review:


artwork: Normal ILLustrations