Zoran – ..and then there was life

Twenty two minutes journey of sheer ambient drone beauty. Zoran is a solo soundart project from Nazarje/Slovenia. Since 2008 Zoran is working on electronic music composing and lucid sound tripping. Zoran was always into music, first as a listener, then as a singer with street-metal band Podplat (no records made), then as a rapper and hip-hop producer in his project Pifka. From time to time he still makes a rap tune, but his first love is electronic drone/ambient/experimental soundart. Here are some sounds from Pifka:http://soundcloud.com/pifka ...and other electronic stuff http://zoran.bandcamp.com/

Zoran makes music with computer software using midi keyboard. Adding effects or not, it doesn't matter, manipulating beyond understanding than crushing down to minimal, it’s all the same for Zoran because all is sound. Zoran was influenced by 80's and 90's music of all genres.

Zoran's goal is love and understanding through sound, accepting the unknown and free minded creativity. Everything is sound and sound is all there is, this is Zoran.

An Etched Traumas release ET71 August 2014


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