Ambient Blackhearts Division – Arise Noise!

Few years before the 80s extravaganza, still hidden behind the decorative well-sharpened razors of punk, an unprecedented noise factory is being built. It was the first time for the popular culture of the time, but not for the modern 20th century composers. From Varese to Xenakis and from there to the West Coast Minimalism, noise music gave the sensation to be gradually strengthened. Found its final format in the shameless restless youth of the late '70s. The most sophisticated examples could be traced in the European School: in the works of Maurizio Bianchi and Pierpaolo Zoppo in Italy, the experiments of TG and Whitehouse in Great Britain and the abstract aura of the French duo Etant Donnes.

On the other side, the lessons of John Cage, La monte Young and the Fluxus movement survived in the NY scene of the art punk: Branca deifies the divine mysteries in mysterious harmonics, while the JG Thirlwell, aka Foetus, encodes/decodes the last noise elements in his compositions.

Within this artistic and historical context Etched Traumas is more than happy and honoured to present you its first Ritualistic Power Noise release from the Italian artist, Ambient Blackhearts Division. The 'Arise Noise!' release comprises of three dark, ominous and extremely powerful works magnificently crafted by Lorenzo Gasparella. Lorenzo uses extensively his own processed vocals, samples and noise out of synthesizers in order to create wet and dark soundscapes right out of an unspoilt and remote coniferous forest.

We hope to enjoy this release as much as we do. [ET12] An Etched Traumas release


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