The controversial nature of electric guitar is under investigation again. Electric guitar comes and goes during the last decades of popular music. It comes/worshiped as a revolutionary instrument and goes/ousted as reactionary relic of the past in terms of genre. Zerogroove's unique guitar playing technique and voice-overs construct a revolutionary statement. A statement, which explores the past with a view to the here-and-now. At the same time, the artist pays homage to some of his favorite artists, the very same ones we - at Etched Traumas - love.

Zerogroove's music is a mix between fragments of sounds, silences and broken rhythms. Above all he is a guitarist who's in love with rhythm. Zerogroove's technique has been influenced by Arto Lindsay, David Byrne and Sonic Youth guitar playing. After the initial recording, he structures his work via a process called 'sound-breaking', then he creates rhythm patterns that could be a modulation of white noise, a drum kick, a bass sound or silence used as a 'space rhythm' instrument. Silence is a sound as well for Zerogroove. All his music is played live and nothing is sampled except voices that act as an homage. His objective is to develop a distinct personal style based on dirty sounds as in post-punk bands of the 1980s and concrete and multiform rhythms.



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