Bitsev – Situation

Etched Traumas is honored to present the recent work of Bitsev titled 'Situation'. Bitsev is the solo project of Gusev K.P. from Russian Federation. Gusev K.P. uses 'conventional' electric instruments such as the electric guitar or the ukulele, electronic instruments and handmade ones, such as his 'Noise CDtron'.

He records his music live and builds free jazz ambient textures and minimal electro acoustic structures. The 'Situation' album is distinguished for its generative approach without being generative at all. On the contrary, Gusev K.P. plays live all the instruments. Being highly exploratory, the 'Situation' album is an exciting journey into a sonic world, where there are no stereotypes or prejudices and Davis, Parmegiani and Eno would be proud of.

An Etched Traumas release ET39 April 2013


Performed & recorded by Gusev K.P. at Some Side of Y, Moscow, 2012