DabitVocemAustria – Bordun

Etched Traumas is more than happy to release 'Bordun' album of DabitVocemAustria. Imagine yourself in an undergound post apocalyptic shelter. Electrified signals, heavily mutated everyday sounds, old phonographic memories of the past, cold sonic storms, all the above compose the dystopian and nightmarish palette of Sauermoser. There is not the slightest chance of hope for those in the shelter.

An Etched Traumas release ET53 January 2014


All Music written, recorded and produced by Felix Sauermoser

Photography by smarakand

Design by BroodingSideOfMadness

I want to thank Reinhard, Alexandra, Marvin, Obi, Malte, Manuel, Paddy, Sire and all the others for the inspiration. Thanks to Aaron, Robert, Markus, Andrej, Robert R. and the other labelmanagers for their support. Shout out to: Katajamäki (NFTM) for the steady support

DabitVocemAustria is a project from Felix Sauermoser, born in 1977. Felix started to using a audiorecorder in the age of 8 and first recorded his granny singing. After a lot of experiments, he started to make a noise project and some others. contact www.MontfortR.com