NOPOSORP – Concrete Grain

“Concrete Grain” is a combination of unusual field recordings, concrete sounds, processed acoustic instruments, sound synthesis, oscillators, noise generators, microphone modulation, FX pedals, turntable and vocals.

For this project Noposorp also used the program Max/MSP to generate different sounds synthesis including:

Granular synthesis

Ring modulation

FM synthesis

Additive synthesis

4 sine wave oscillators An oscillator represents the fundamental frequency, which is then multiplied in three successive oscillators using the following frequency ratios: 9:8 (2ªM), 9:5 (7ªm), 15:8 (7ªM), “the most dissonant intervals”

3 sine wave oscillators using the fundamental frequencies: F2: 174.6Hz B2: 246.9Hz F3: 349.2Hz tritone F-B (4ªA) “diabolus in musica” interval B-F (5ªD)

1 sawtooth wave oscillator


NOPOSORP is an Italian composer strongly attracted by the experimentation of sound. In his compositions he blends together noise, field recordings and electroacoustic sounds through different sound synthesis in order to create an unexplored world of sounds.

An Etched Traumas release ET86 September 2015