Unciviliz – Draft Et Draft

Etched Traumas is more than happy to release 'Draft et Draft', the first release of Greek artist Unciviliz.

Unciviliz experiments with noisy sonic blasts and soundbites, low frequencies and vocal samples creating miniaturesque noise works. 'Draft et Draft' is radical, unorthodox but you can discover a humorous side either in its track titles or in its compositions. Make no mistake. This is pure rock'n'roll in its very essence. Fun, guts, heart and mind. You won't find any high-brow theory here. A sound collage of an evening street fight or an obscure Snowhite tale reading, Unciviliz mutates them into noise stabs.

Atelopus' drawing

Atelopus' drawing


Unciviliz - all sounds Cover drawing - Atelopus