eidoscognitio – En Vivo en ‘La Haciendita’

eidoscognitio is Alejandro Betancourt, an electroacoustic performer from Venezuela. Alejandro was born in Barquisimeto, Lara and started to compose, play and perform live on his early 30΄s. In his work he tends to explore the richness and the always interesting evolving atmospheres of all soundscapes he can get: Field recordings, sound libraries and synthesizer/sampler generated ones.

His work is heavily influenced by ambient music, he rarely uses rhythm loops, although he creates the sense of a beat using a virtual effect plug-in that allows him to loop a certain fragment of his performance. When he DOES use loops, he relies on Spectrasonics΄ Stylus RMX.

He plays only software synthesizers and ROMplers and he does all his editing and mixing "in the box". "Soon I΄ll be moving to hardware when the time is right, I want to experience the mix process on an analog mixing desk." he says.

Track 1 - En Vivo en 'La Haciendita'

About a year ago he shared this track with MD. Felix Gomez, a Venezuelan Neurosinergist pioneer, living in Sydney, Australia. He told him that, to his understanding, the track has an ability to address people in what he calls: "Deep generative trance".

Alejandro says: "Being a newbie in healing techniques through music, I was glad I could generate "good vibes" with my software synths and loops, so I called them "Curanderas", which means "Folk medicine", especially "Folk medicine songs", in this case, the track could be "Folk Electronic healing frequencies" :), after that, MD. Felix invited me to participate with him in a Symposium to be held in Venezuela about Neurosinergy."

Track 2 - Paramédicos

This was made while eidoscognitio used to live in a very nice place in Merida, Venezuela, called: Santa Rosa. The scenery and the general quietness of the surroundings were a blessing. "The song deals with motion sickness, or at least the way I think motion sickness sounds!" says Alejandro. It also reflects (or he likes to think so) the lack of oxygen and sudden blackout that some people, used to tropical climate, experience while driving in high altitude roads of his country.

Track 3 - Corta y Suspende

Created and overdubbed using a laptop bundled microphone. The main part and body of the song overdubbed with shamanic-like short speech fragments in site. The track tries to emulate a high level meditation, under the premises: "Stop and suspend" (Corta y suspende) which is, to Alejandro's knowledge a shamanic instruction to stay absolutely quiet, still and ready to perform transformations and healing on a patient.


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