Kaztalien – Feral Field

Etched Traumas is more than happy to release the latest work of Kaztalien. The inspiration for this work was a vast territory of Central Russia, called the "Wild Field". Since ancient times, this area was inhabited by nomadic tribes and the tartar hordes, whose mounds and burial grounds in the old settlements can be still found. After the beginning of colonization of the Wild Field in the 17th century the "Tartar wall" was built - a high earth embankment with length of over 70 kilometers which protected settlers from nomad raids.

Despite the fact that today's wild field is under civilization's devastating impact and has become a faded shadow of its former greatness of Nature, it is still able to make a lasting impression on the man who turned in solitude at the vast endless fields, steppes or overgrown shrubs banks of small rivers. Every track is a part of a ritual, a forest or a field landscape. You can feel the catacomb of barrows or the dripping water in a sacred cave.

Kaztalien is an ambient project from Tambov, Russia. He creates rich drone ambient textures enhanced with field recordings since 2010. Kaztalien appeared in the summer of 2010 as a single experiment with natural sounds. Later these experiments evolved into mono-project «ПБН» - russian acronym of «no name yet». The summer of 2011 was a period when natural sounds of this project were mixed with synthesizers and low drones. This new sound became the starting point of «Kaztalien». Main theme and inspiration source of the project is the coexistence of Nature and Civilization in the modern world. Kaztalien has already two releases: «Woldsongs» - split-album with Azkr - which contains their first remixed experiments and a couple of new tracks and a solo album called «Humanature».


Kaztalien - all sounds
All tracks written by Kaztalien
* Tracks written in collaboration with Drust IV
Artwork - Andrew Eltsov