Lezet – Hum

Etched Traumas is more than happy to release Lezet's latest work. Lezet explores a system of the subtle spaces between our expressed human language. He experiments with these 'neglected' sounds of our speech and composes a brand new audio system of signs. This system could be a new audio language alphabet - paraphrasing Ferdinand de Saussure - 'comparable to a system of writing, the alphabet of deaf-mutes, military signals, etc.'. All these little hums we produce before and after our structured language, offer a vast field for experimentation through a cutup technique. Lezet recorded the humming vocal sounds at Požega Radio station without any overdubbing. His main objective was to mess and play with those sounds in order to develop them to a structured audio piece.


Recorded :Radio Požega 94,7fm,Serbia vocals: Igor Jovanović (1,2,3), Miloš Hadžihusić(3) random people recorded in the streets of Požega (2)

Produced December 2011

[ET12] An Etched Traumas release March 2012