Win Profil – I’m in real life – where are you?

"I'm in Real Life - Where are You?" is Ein Profil's attempt at expressing the feelings of falling in love while still young and naive. The album evokes various emotions as well as sentimental memories of that summer we all have been through - no matter who we are or where we live. It's kitchy, it's inscrutable - it's dilettantish, it's multi-faceted and loses itself to details. It's you, it's here, it's now - a unique moment. There is no need to hurry even though billions of chances are running out -- billions are created at the very same time. Take your time and feel free to listen to Ein Profil.

Ein Profil comes from Germany where he lives in the beautiful town of Marburg. He especially prefers the sound of strings and chimes and is fond of melodies placed into hollow or wafting backgrounds. He is highly interested in collaborations, so feel free to contact him!


Many Thanks to Delp and Voidscream for making this possible! I'd also like to thank Delp and The Wolfgirl Liberation for the remixes!

Mastered by Delp



The Wolfgirl Liberation:

An Etched Traumas release ET102 October 2016