Unsample – Ipsissima Voce

The voice of the city

A listener from an outer reality approaches the modern metropolis and perceives a version of the contemporary urban sound. Noises, words, roars, whispers and melodies merge together to construct the semi-logical language of a bio-mechanical, hyper-organism. This language is the mental space in which new narrations may emerge and old cultural symbols can lead to new unpredictable meanings. Further on, in this urban, ''post-modern'' space the listener may listen to a strange ''song''. The inner voice of the city.

The dual role of voice as both a sonorous ''object'' and a facilitator of meaning, narration and verbal communication is crucial for our understanding of sound and music. Ipsissima voce plays with the exchange of roles between voice, music and narration. While the electronic and pre-recorded sounds overwhelm the narrative and musical part, the voice is reduced to either short musical signals or distant reminiscence of ancient languages and generic vocal gestures so that the end result becomes a kind of abstract, electronic ''opera''.

Artwork: Anna Tsapo


ET83.2 An Etched Traumas release April 2015