Earhead – Last Days Of The Earth

Etched Traumas is proud to release Earhead's concept work titled 'Last Days Of The Earth'. The album comprises of 9 blatantly eschatological tracks. Album's title itself designates the apocalyptical scapes of Earhead where ambient bells melt into thick warm inauspicious noise layers. We envisage the last days of earth while grains of red sand biff stray dogs, birds and people in panic. There is no exodus because Earhead devotedly built a totally dystopian ambience.

Earhead comes from Turkey and started to make music at the age of 14. He recorded his first analog noises with poor record devices such as phones etc. While being into psychoacoustics and experimental music he experimented with two other music projects, the Plastic Age and the Darkoccult. Today he has a huge musical arsenal consisting of conventional instruments such as acoustic/electric guitar, piano, synths and vocals and unconvetional ones such as tea cups, knives, spoons etc. He has a distinctive noise and eschatological sound footprint.


Earhead - all sounds Cover art by John Martin 'Fallen angels in Hell'