Katajamäki – Sininen Projekti

Etched Traumas is more than happy to release Katajamäki's work titled 'Sininen Projekti'. It would be very easy for anyone to expect that this Finnish sonic work is an hommage to icy soundscapes and arctic habitats. Contrary to the stereotype, Katajamäki's sound is a solid work of unusual warmth and serenity with its ethereal and occasional dusky pads. The use of minimal broad electronic and natural elements in 'Sininen Projekti' 'teleports' listeners as if they were 434 light-years from Earth just like UMi star.

Katajamäki comes from Finland and creates beautiful ambient and optimist soundscapes. As he says his purpose is to create blue sounds that fit someone's evenings.


Katajamäki - all sounds   // An Etched Traumas release [ET29] October 2012