IOK-1 – That Which Remains Is Silence

Etched Traumas is proud of this release from Sweden. In these highly addictive five tracks IOK-1 explores a vast sonic spectrum of slow paced melodies and frequencies. Drawing a line between the pioneer La Monte Young and the thriving contemporary drone/dark ambient scene, 'That Which Remains Is Silence' EP provides with an exploratory process of systematization of its genre. Therefore, it is not just a static and typical drone work but an advancement.

The outcome leave us in awe. One can visualize a dark forest of abandoned machinery or an isolated organic soundscape. Nordic geographic latitudes have a long tradition in the single continuous text of drone dark ambient corpus. Even if you have never been in the beautiful north, one thing is sure, IOK-1 will propose you this journey to an amazing dark sonic ecosystem of frequencies.

This could be the perfect soundtrack for 'The Drowned World' by J. G. Ballard. 'That Which Remains Is Silence'.


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