the wolfgirl liberation – The Lighthouse

Etched Traumas is proud of releasing the first EP of the wolfgirl liberation. 'The Lighthouse' realm consists of highly emotional strings arrangements, resonant sounds, brilliant use of field recordings and exploratory acoustic and electronic ambient instruments.

There's an evolving hope in all tracks despite the obvious ominous ambience. For example in the track 'Planet Earth I Love You' a certain amount of time and effort are required before the fragmented rays of light can be visible and help us to escape to a relieving land.

the wolfgirl liberation comes from the United Kingdom and started composing music at the end of the 90's. His distinctive sound comprises of contradictory elements such as breakbeat rhythm patterns, magnificently emotional string arrangements and meticulously crafted field recordings. His goal is the music will take us on journeys and through places. "In my music there is always hope, an escape. If we were just to climb over that wall we would be somewhere new." he says. "However dark it gets there is always an exit. We are only ever visiting."

[ET26] An Etched Traumas release 2012


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