Lezet – Utterings

“Utterings” is Lezet’s attempt at fake languages and sound poetry which should in this case lean toward the musical rather than the semantic. This offering is somewhat limited by content creator’s Indo-European language background and the phonetic peculiarities of his native language (Serbo-Croatian/ Croato-Serbian), but the texts and the readings should prove to be interesting and amusing enough in themselves. Any actual words used are unintentional.

“Utterings” the third installment to “The Talking Trilogy” (consisting of “Hum”,”Histrionics” & ”Utterings”) You are cordially invited to record your own interpretation/reading of the included texts in whatever way you want (sing them, whisper them, shout them, read them…) and send it to us. We would love to be able to assemble an accompanying single we would subsequently add to this release as a bonus track/mix


Texts: all texts by Igor Jovanovic, except 4- Raymond Queneau/Danilo Kis ,10 - Hugo Ball , 12-13-14-17 – kids at elementary school in Arilje ,Serbia , 19 – Sara Zivkovic (at age 7), 21- Bryan Lewis Saunders Note: texts for tracks 12,13,14 & 17 are based on dictation errors and fake words constructed by pupils

Igor would like to thank Joseph Ba, Bryan Lewis Saunders, his pupils and his niece and anyone taking time to listen to this album. Pozega,Serbia 2009-2014

An Etched Traumas release April 2015 ET83.1