[ET133] James Hoehl - Called Alien Transmission

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Time travel; an elusive concept that tantalizes us with its possibility a seductive mirage, an abstraction that teases us with its potential traveling across time, bearing witness to the genesis of the cosmos or altering the past to shape our destiny? time; a figment of our imagination that we use to impose order on the chaos of the universe an imaginary construct? an enigma that defies our understanding. an enigma that evades our comprehension marooned on this planet. We ponder its genesis, its purpose, its very being. We are adrift in a world of shadows, reverberations and long ambient drones. A trinity of strangeness, a triptych of otherworldliness; lost in a realm of reveries and phantasms. All is not as it appears.


All sounds: James Hoehl Design & Photography: BroodingSideOfMadness

An Etched Traumas release ET133 April 2023