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[ET123] Toni Dimitrov / Jared Sagar – Orillion

Orillion‘ consists of four drone ambient tracks with subtle electronic ambient patterns and field recorded metallic and natural sounds. The work is dominated by the dark feeling, which is intensified by both eerie metal sounds and eccentric sounds. However, the large depth of field sounds acts as a factor that adds warmth to the tracks. Sounds close to us such as the running water, the beautiful ambient pads or other metallic sounds do not let the gloom dominate the work.

Toni Dimitrov aka sound_00 is the man behind post global, but also a cultural producer and cultural explorer, radio host and radio activist, philosopher and communicologist, poet and mountain climber as well as sound artist, DJ, designer, organizer. When at home and not traveling he is doing various projects that keep him busy, from music that is obviously the main focus of his hectic lifestyle, but also other projects including reading and writing, radio art and field recordings, organizing sound/art events, doing design. His radio programs on radio Kanal 103 are dedicated to contemporary electronic music and political discourse. The sound_00 sound is natural soundscape from Macedonian mountains.

Jared Sagar is a producer/composer born in 1977 and residing in the United Kingdom. In his various soundworks, he concentrates in bringing out intensity, chaos, and isolation. His sounds are mostly made from field recordings then manipulated, fragmented, pulled apart, then put back together to form a new sonic soundscape. There is no focus on time as such, nothing syncopated, the focus is purely on sound itself, the textures involved and the emotion found in it. His compositions can be formless beats, drones, noise, ambience, basically sculptured sound focusing on time and space.

All field recordings and sounds: Toni Dimitrov / Jared Sagar.
Production and arrangements: Toni Dimitrov 
Artist URL: http://www.post-global.com
Artwork: Toni Dimitrov
Mastered: Toni Dimitrov

ET123 An Etched Traumas release April 2018

[ET124] Strepitvsitvs – Strepitvsitvs

STREPITVSITVS is the new realization of musical duo ASOLANMAC PROJECT and meant to be a sort of inner self-reflections as well as a very personal study about environmental connections between people and places: the focus is set on the Montello hill, near the Piave river, pretty close to their hometown. It’s a really peculiar site, where nature, history, legends, and mysteries are all mixed up together in a unique way. This piece of music fully represent the feelings about it and express also the will to define the whole thing like an introspective journey through memories and sensations, inspired by that magical location, under the form of an audio description.
AsolanMac Project is an experimental music duo formed in 2009 as a collaboration between a founding member of Squadra Omega and a classically trained guitarist, ex-student of Sylvano Bussotti. The starting point of the project consists of a systematic and layered contrast of minimalist themes and free forms, improvised with the aim of being able to creatively represent a shared vision of a surreal existence where space and time are continuously altered by chaos. The overall effect is similar to an orchestra which sound flows in constant motion, also inspired by visual arts like Nouveau Realisme, Rumorismo or the playful moments of Dadaism.

site: asolanmac.blogspot.it      asolanmac.bandcamp.com      soundcloud.com/asolanmac
contact: asolanmac.project@gmail.com

[ET125] _DS versus |+|PsychicWars|+| – Recurses EP

This is a four-track EP that was written and produced by two artists who have never met but undertook a fruitful exchange of ideas and sound material online that has been finalized as a release for the Etched Traumas label. It has a dynamic range and tone. Moving from textured and atmospheric ambient work as in Snells Window through to waltz time soaring pattern-based work in XLI.THE.SUN. The EP then moves on to crisp circuit beats and charged tones in Slime Cartographer and Silver Sword. 
Gillham is an experimental guitarist who began the collaboration by sending Smith a parcel of abstracted guitar textures and patterns. Smith responded with a series of experiments and deconstructions, building Eno to Fripp inspired workflows and systems, constructing the final tracks on the Recurses EP. 
The EP hints at big open skies, light refracting and bending under water, imaginary fungal subway systems and survival in harsh unforgiving climates. Something for everyone. 
Find more of their work at https://soundcloud.com/d-s_s-d and https://soundcloud.com/hermits_cloud

[ET126] Daniele Ciullini – Rapid Changes Of Landscape

We are honored to release Ciullini’s latest release on Etched Traumas. Rapid Changes Of Landscape is the second release for our netlabel. Daniele Ciullini is an Italian sound artist active from 1980 to 1986 in the area of independent self-productions with concrete music works and minimal electronic. Many works of that era are now reprinted on vinyl and audio cassette and some singles from these in compilations and playlists. After a long hiatus, he resumes his activity in 2011 with multiple electronic works in the dark ambient and post-industrial fields, all available for free download on netlabels, blogs, and peculiar site music websites. Since 2017 he performs live sets for music reviews and art exhibitions. All his musical production can be listened to on the “Rewired noises” Youtube channel. A selection of works is available on its Soundcloud channel.