[ET56] System Morgue – Grief

GriefEtched Traumas is happy to release ‘Grief‘ EP by System Morgue. ‘Grief”s musical opus consists of four distinct sonic visualizations of the darkest feelings under the skin. A harsh axis builds up with slow and consistent frequency storms. Exemplary harsh noise / power electronics from System Morgue.

System Morgue is a one-man project from Moscow, Russia. The music varies from the pure harsh noise to dark ambient and drone with early Aidan Baker, Maeror Tri, Mathias Grassow and Klaus Wiese influences

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An Etched Traumas release ET56 January 2014


[ET36] Nicholas Fair – How To Get Lost In Your Bedroom

Etched Traumas is more than happy to release the latest work of Nicholas Fair. Fair comes from Coprus Christi, TX and he is a prolific and talented experimental artist. He’s been writing and recording short instrumentals for thirteen years along with other numerous filmscore or solo projects, and bands. With more than 40 releases under various monikers in cassette, CD, DVD and even VHS formats his work is still versatile and unexpected.

The ‘How To Get Lost In Your Bedroom‘ EP comprises of three instrumental tracks with electric guitar in a lo-fi aesthetic. Partly deliberately and partly due to the nature of recording media (cassette) and due to its age, a certain warmth of noise is being added to the final result. Despite the release title, one could close his/her eyes and envision the great American plains in a dry period, as depicted in the films of Peter Vogdanovich. Solitary and introspective; this is great music!

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An Etched Traumas release ET36 January 2013