[ET127] Martin Rach – El Svein

We are more than happy to release another Martin’s work. ‘El Svein’ is a 20mins long piece where one can sink into the ocean of Rach’s sonic explorations. A spiral diving. A spectrum of ambient/noise tech surprises. 
All sounds: Martin Rach
Photography/Cover : BroodingSideOfMadness
ET127 An Etched Traumas release January 2019

FREE Download : https://archive.org/details/ET127_Martin_Rach_El_Svein

[ET80] Martin Rach – ‘Interrupted’


InterruptedEtched Traumas is proud to release Rach’s exquisite work titled ‘Interrupted‘. The release combines two sets of excerpts from improvising on two instruments, piano and roland Ef303 machine, with a looped work in the middle done for disquiet junto project (www.disquiet.com). Neither of instruments is/was mine, piano standing in an old house on west coast of Norway, that I used to play during evenings of my stay there looking for specific sonoric features – first piece is improvised around two slightly detuned keys, second (last on the release) – on lowest and highest pitch, with natural ambience of an old piano being played. Roland Ef303 is a machine of my friend (Domas Ruskys), who let me use it for some weeks during my stay at home in Lithuania (also on the west coast). Mainly improvised to see what it sounds with no or minimal input – the insides of its looped/rewiring buzz in an unstable (moving/slightly swinging on a table) setting.


Speech call. Is that not how all graphomaniacs start? Hearing the call. No. Feeling the itch. Better now. The old radio. Tune between FM frequencies, but no song. Not a one damn song. All babble. All pussy, tit, love love love, till vomit or ejaculate. Same thing. That don’t arouse me anymore. So much the better. Switch to short waves. Shift amidst stations, static, find the beatings, now, some song, at least at last. Some play. What else (one needs)? Some rice, some onion, some carrot, if that. One don’t need much, when one prepares. Turn the radio off. Some tea, cheap tasteless tea, pour water, all is good. A cigarette, all is better. Then the sky, less cloudy, the better. Waiting. Such are waiting times. Maybe the mountain, some sea. One needs less, when preparing. Or, even better, not getting wasted. Clean in old cloths. Some little light and far city ambiance. Itch stopping. Not wasted. Not.


Photography: BroodingSideOfMadness

Big thank you to people who let me use their instruments for this project.

An Etched Traumas release January 2015 ET80

Free Download here