[ETS01] Yaws – Yaws



We are introducing the Etched Traumas single series along with our main EP and album releases. We are more than happy to present you the first release of our single series by Yaws. Known (or not-known) for attention to detail in his compositions and a lo-fi approach and aesthetic in creating music, Yaws makes rhythmic soundscapes, exploring long and expanding improvisations through repetition, static and noise. Taking influence from artists such as HTRK, Deutsch Nepal, Coil and Craig Leon, his music is an incessant, yet subtle perpetual groove which intends to tap into a rhythmic continuum which transcends the listener.


released 18 February 2015

Created by Yaws (AU/UK) soundcloud.com/yawss

Mastered by Christoph Grote-Beverborg at Dubplates and Mastering, Berlin.

Artwork by Prosper Unger-Hamilton  prosperuh.tumblr.com

An Etched Traumas release ETS01 February 2015

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[ET62] swivelized sounds – _busted


Etched Traumas is happy to release swivelized sounds work titled ‘_busted’. ‘_busted’ is an experimentation in lo-fi noise that often finds itself drifting into melody and inevitably lost all together. it is an attempt to capture simplicity simply and results in four tracks each uniquely different but connected by process and emotion. it is a story that details the emotional journey that was undertaken by the artist and concludes in a conflicting feeling of euphoria and loss.

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An Etched Traumas release ET62 May 2014