[ET67] Kaztalien – ‘September October November’

September October NovemberThis is the second release of Kaztalien for Etched Traumas titled ‘September October November‘. The work consists of three amazing naturalistic folk ambient tracks.

Kaztalien is an ambient project from Tambov, Russia. He creates rich drone ambient textures enhanced with field recordings since 2010. Kaztalien appeared in the summer of 2010 as a single experiment with natural sounds. Later these experiments evolved into mono-project «ПБН» – russian acronym of «no name yet». The summer of 2011 was a period when natural sounds of this project were mixed with synthesizers and low drones. This new sound became the starting point of «Kaztalien». Main theme and inspiration source of the project is the coexistence of Nature and Civilisation in the modern world.

An Etched Traumas release ET67 July 2014

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[ET57] eidoscognitio – Understanding The Value Of Sincerity


Understanding The Value Of SincerityEtched is more than happy to release the second work of eidoscognitio titled ‘Understanding The Value Of Sincerity‘.

Folklorism, the revival of older customs and rituals, has been, in its very sense, the core of escapism to some other time and place. Disconnected to modern society and initially lame, it fails most of the times to associate itself with the real needs of human beings.
However, folklorism and its attributed exoticism, the will to discover new structures of feeling, can be essentialy a more optimistic side of a sterile revival. Full of older patterns and forms, attempts at gaining its place in the modern world, based on its deeply humanist core.
The work of eidoscognitio lies beyond the untruthful of side of folklorism and celebrates a brand, new and humane sonic locus. It reveals the essential
need for reconnecting with everything natural in this 21st century world. The artist’s meeting with real shamans in practice triggered the conceptualization of ‘Understanding The Value Of Sincerity’

According to the artist, this work is “a sonic excursion to a meditative and somehow dreamy sequence of slow events”. It is ambient music recorded live in episodes. The episodes deal with the understanding of harsh feelings, dependence and the painful process of getting rid of attachments, and finally, the understanding of the value of sincerity. We are definitely not alone, we must respect our fellows as we care and value ourselves.
Each episode was recorded live on a Tascam portable digital recorder, and edited for continuity of a general panorama.

eidoscognitio is Alejandro Betancourt, an electroacoustic performer from Venezuela. Alejandro was born in Barquisimeto, Lara and started to compose, play and perform live on his early 30΄s. In his work he tends to explore the richness and the always interesting evolving atmospheres of all soundscapes he can get: Field recordings, sound libraries and synthesizer/sampler generated ones.

His work is heavily influenced by ambient music. He rarely uses rhythm loops, although he creates the sense of a beat using a virtual effect plug-in that allows him to loop a certain fragment of his performance.

An Etched Traumas release ET57 February 2014

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