[ET60] Martin Hoogeboom – Colony

ColonyEtched Traumas is more than happy to release ‘Colony‘ by Martin Hoogeboom. ‘Colony’ is a soundscape work based on sounds of ants. Martin says about ‘Colony‘ :

“It might be an ethical concern to fill an ant’s nest with molten aluminium, to let it cool down and to then dig it up. But this is the only way to get a building which looks like it has been designed by an alien architect.

Recent studies have shown that ants regularly communicate with each other by sound. Most ants have a natural washboard and plectrum built-in into their stomach. By rubbing these against each other, they create sound. This enables the queen to order her workers. Researchers can record these sounds, which are the basis of Colony, with the newest audio techniques.

Recording Colony

Recording Colony

I gave sound designer Theo Calis and trumpet player Ed van den Berkel the following instructions for improvisation: autumn forest, cold, blue sky, strong wind, chasing clouds.

Collecting sound sources for a new three-piece soundscape

Collecting sound sources for a new three-piece soundscape

In the same forest where you are enjoying your walk, a superorganism is building complex colonies. Like aliens on a new planet.”

Instrument used in 'Colony'; made ​​of slate and called Klingel 1

Instrument used in ‘Colony’; made ​​of slate and called Klingel 1

An Etched Traumas ET60 release February 2014


Written and performed by Martin Hoogeboom, Ed van den Brekel & Theo Calis.

I am very grateful to everyone for their support and commitment to this project.

[ET35] René Baptist Huysmans – Dawn of the Anthropocene

Etched Traumas is more than happy to release ‘Dawn of the Anthropocene‘. René Baptist Huysmans comes from the Netherlands. He uses field recordings of urban sounds that he manipulates beyond recognition playing with various software. As he says “My favorite percussion instruments turn out to be trains in stations, my favorite ensemble construction workers at a site. A train journey from Amsterdam to Berlin can be a six-hour-symphony”.

The discovery here on Earth of extremophile micro-organisms, organisms that thrive in otherwise extremely hostile environments, was an important breakthrough because it extended the possibilities of life within our solar system and on exo-planets orbiting other stars.
The names of these organisms is a particular source of inspiration to me. There are the Oligotrophs, organisms capable of growth in nutritionally limited environments, there are the Cryptoendoliths, organisms that live within microscopic spaces in rocks, to mention a few. But when we send probes to distant worlds to look for alien extremophiles, aren’t we also looking for ourselves? The three tracks explore the human being as an extremophile organism, an organism testing the boundaries of what it is capable of digesting chemically, digitally and psychologically.

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[ET32] Valley of Capsules – Valley of Capsules plays Vox Populi!

“All life is an experiment. The more experiments you make the better.” wrote one of the great American transcendentalist authors, Ralph Waldo Emerson.
Etched Traumas is honored to release the ‘Valley of Capsules plays Vox Populi!’ by Valley Of Capsules, which is based on the works of the French band Vox Populi!.
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