[ET62] swivelized sounds – _busted


Etched Traumas is happy to release swivelized sounds work titled ‘_busted’. ‘_busted’ is an experimentation in lo-fi noise that often finds itself drifting into melody and inevitably lost all together. it is an attempt to capture simplicity simply and results in four tracks each uniquely different but connected by process and emotion. it is a story that details the emotional journey that was undertaken by the artist and concludes in a conflicting feeling of euphoria and loss.

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An Etched Traumas release ET62 May 2014

[ET56] System Morgue – Grief

GriefEtched Traumas is happy to release ‘Grief‘ EP by System Morgue. ‘Grief”s musical opus consists of four distinct sonic visualizations of the darkest feelings under the skin. A harsh axis builds up with slow and consistent frequency storms. Exemplary harsh noise / power electronics from System Morgue.

System Morgue is a one-man project from Moscow, Russia. The music varies from the pure harsh noise to dark ambient and drone with early Aidan Baker, Maeror Tri, Mathias Grassow and Klaus Wiese influences

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An Etched Traumas release ET56 January 2014


[ET53] DabitVocemAustria – Bodrun

BordunEtched Traumas is more than happy to release ‘Bordun’ album of DabitVocemAustria. Imagine yourself in an undergound post apocalyptic shelter. Electrified signals, heavily mutated everyday sounds, old phonographic memories of the past, cold sonic storms, all the above compose the dystopian and nightmarish palette of Sauermoser. There is not the slightest chance of hope for those in the shelter.


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An Etched Traumas release ET53 January 2014


released 07 January 2014
All Music written, recorded and produced by Felix Sauermoser
Photography by smarakand smarakand.jimdo.com
Design by BroodingSideOfMadnessDabitVocemAustria is a project from Felix Sauermoser, born in 1977.
Felix started to using a audiorecorder in the age of 8 and first recorded his granny singing. After a lot of experiments, he started to make a noise project and some others.
contact www.MontfortR.com

[ET48] Lord Havoc – Futuristic Space Invasion

Futuristic Space InvasionEtched Traumas is more than happy to release Lord Havoc’s work titled ‘Futuristic Space Invasion’. A cosmic journey into uncharted territories. Celestial drones, low and high frequencies experiments in a science fiction lab.

Lord Havoc, or Rakun, or Jus, is a (dark) ambient artist from Slovenia. His ambition to make music comes from life, experimentation and science fiction. He has been making it for a few years, mostly experimenting, but occasionally deciding to do more serious music. Lord Havoc likes to read a lot, is a mudder and very interested in science, nuclear stuff and astronomy.

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[ET46] Sonvol – Mixtapes

MixtapesEtched Traumas is more than happy to present the noise project of Sonvol titled ‘Mixtapes‘. Sonvol is a noise producer from Slovenia and ‘Mixtapes’ consists of sounds produced between 2007-2013 in Kranj, Slovenia.

All sounds: Sonvol

Painting: Stojan Knežević
Design: BroodingSideOfMadness

An Etched Traumas release July  2013 ET46 Free download, get it here

[ET45] VICTIM! – Ecos

EcosEtched Traumas proudly presents VICTIM!’s work titled ‘Ecos’. On “Ecos”, the intention is to explore reverberation in determined empty spaces. The propagation of tones and its overlap. The sound of the places are so important as the sound of the instruments used. The propose of “Ecos” is a dialog between the two.

VICTIM! is an extreme music project inspired, among other practices, by power electronics and noise, making extensive use of field recordings.VICTIM!’s music is guided by affective connections with sounds, similar to the link that you can have with a place, that is filled, as the field recordings that fill the tracks. People talk, cars pass. Listen to VICTIM!’s music also means reflecting about the day-to-day in each city, the conversations heard, and, deeply, the place of subjectivity in all of this, which is solved in the other sound elements present.

VICTIM! is a solo project by Cadu Tenório.


Cadu Tenório – Microphones, Tape loops, Field recordings, Controlled feedback, Acoustic Guitar and Violin.

Recorded and produced by Cadu Tenório

Mastered by Emygdio

An Etched Traumas release June 2013 ET45. Get it here

[ET42] Darkstar83 – Sine Diabolo, Nullus Dominus

Sine Diabolo, Nullus DominusSine diabolo, nullus dominus‘ is the second release for Etched Traumas by  prolific Greek artist Darkstar83. The environment is ominous and depressive. Subtle noise ambient layers of frequencies in four enclosed walls. Sparse repetitive ritual notes build an imposing atmosphere of an uncomfortable dream.

[ET42] An Etched Traumas release May 2013

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[ET33] Nobodisoundz – Invocation

Etched Traumas is more than happy to release ‘Invocation’ by Nobodisoundz. The Nobodisoundz project was born in 2008 (with a reference to the character of “Nobody “in Dead Man, a Jim Jarmusch film). The French artist started this sound-making project by cobbling together music samples, sounds, field recordings and the results of his fiddling with audio software. These sounds completed his works and added an atmosphere within and around his paintings, subsequent installations and videos. Free download. Get it here

[ET31] islandInvader – Utopia Never Exists

Etched Traumas is more than happy to release islandInvader’s first EP titled ‘Utopia Never
Exists’. Body music full of Etched Traumas.

islandInvader comes from Greece. The last twelve years – in and out of sanity – she improvises with acoustic and electric instruments.

Free Download. Get it here!

[ET21] Nelson P. Ferreira & Rui Paulino – White Mother

Etched Traumas is more than happy to release the first joint effort by the two Portuguese sound/visual artists Nelson P. Ferreira and Rui Paulino titled ‘White Mother’. Their impenetrable sonic palette creates an immaculate ambiance a crystal clear work, a research lab cleanness that could be the perfect soundtrack for Cronenberg’s film titled ‘Stereo’.

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