[ET109] Anton Lazarev & Anton Zagorulin – 15

Audio materials for the installation.

Synesthetic experience intended to be synergic: a little list of tracks dissecting the painting of the artist ??? from all sides.

15 sound splashes imparting extra dimensions, up to volume and smell, to the two-dimensional painting. According to the authors, things usually hidden behind a flat surface of a canvas should be opened by means of acoustical images.

The tracks themselves (it seems essential to call them “movements”, by old academic tradition) are laconic, homogeneous, moderately noisy, demonstrating, in essence, the fact: all our organs of sense are the same.

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Anton Zagorulin – art

Anton Lazarev – music

Russian Federation, Krasnodar Krai

An Etched Traumas release ET109 January 2016

[ΕΤ96] ΚΑΤΑΠΥΓΩΝ & Melodie Des Vergessens – ΧΥΜΟΣ ΑΓΙΟΣ


Χυμός Άγιος – may be translated either “Holy Juice” or “Holy Substance”, refering in the first interpretation to Orange Juice with LSD of Merry Pranksters, but more likely to the sacral beverage of Proto-Indo-Europeans (sanscr. सोम, avest. haoma, Proto-Indo-Iranian *sauma-). There is a theory, that the main component of this sacral drink was Ephedra and our predilection to ephedrine-liking substances at the moment of creation the “Χυμός Άγιος” caused the drunken, dionysiac and insane character of this music.
The second interpretation of title – “The Sacral Substance” – refer to the philosophocal context of Ancient Greeks (Plutarch and some others) and in this context is associated and connected etymologically to the word “chemistry”. In this sence our collaboration was the trial of inner-alchemical process and synthesis.

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Mastered by BroodingSideOfMadness

ET96 An Etched Traumas release June 2016

[ETS04] SRVTR & DeepDark – D.N.A.


We welcome DeepDark dark ambient project from Russia and SRVTR noise project from France. ‘D.N.A’ is the 4th release for Etched Traumas single series. Free Download here

Gildas Brugaro (SRVTR) Dmitry Vologdin (DeepDark) – all sounds.
Photography and Mastering by Gildas BrugaroAn Etched Traumas release June 2016 ETS04

Etched Traumas Vol. II 2011​-​2013 [ET25​-​ET50] Compilation


Etched Traumas Vol. II 2011-2013 [ET25-ET50]

It has been a fantastic three-year journey, with amazing works by amazing artists from all over the world. We are honoured to have released music by some of the most fantastic, innovative and creative artists of today. We thank all of them for showing patience and trust.

In a true collaborative spirit, we worked towards all of these non-profit releases, whilst aiming for the innovative and anti-retro elements of modern sound/audio/music.

Imaginative and highly creative, the artists on Etched Traumas have explored and experimented with synthesized and acoustic audio. They have dived deep into uncharted sonic realms, using experimental sounds from space or even sounds based on tiny little creatures, such as ants.

Introverted and extroverted music, power electronics, noise or breakbeat. Delicate frequencies, or majestic esoteric experimentation.

It is true.

We feel like explorers; we travel light years in distance via unheard sounds springing from our lungs. Armed with a DAW, and a poor quality audio recorder, for new situations. There are rules to override, and wires to stretch. Capture the sound of stretching a copper string, an accidental breaking of glass and suddenly we are between mellowness and harshness, sadness and happiness. We are here to make a joyful noise, because all impulses escape prototyping.

‘Our model is sound’, so lets go down and burn up the road. Leave your etched traumas behind.

Last but not least, we’d like to thank all of our downloaders over the last three years.


Contains two exclusive bonus tracks by Italian prolific artist
Sonologyst titled ‘Guitar Indication 6 – Red Vision‘ and
from the forthcoming album ‘Ipsissima Voce‘ of Unsample Greek duet titled ‘Dulce Periculum‘.

We also thank Milo for his help.

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