Etched Traumas Vol. II 2011​-​2013 [ET25​-​ET50] Compilation


Etched Traumas Vol. II 2011-2013 [ET25-ET50]

It has been a fantastic three-year journey, with amazing works by amazing artists from all over the world. We are honoured to have released music by some of the most fantastic, innovative and creative artists of today. We thank all of them for showing patience and trust.

In a true collaborative spirit, we worked towards all of these non-profit releases, whilst aiming for the innovative and anti-retro elements of modern sound/audio/music.

Imaginative and highly creative, the artists on Etched Traumas have explored and experimented with synthesized and acoustic audio. They have dived deep into uncharted sonic realms, using experimental sounds from space or even sounds based on tiny little creatures, such as ants.

Introverted and extroverted music, power electronics, noise or breakbeat. Delicate frequencies, or majestic esoteric experimentation.

It is true.

We feel like explorers; we travel light years in distance via unheard sounds springing from our lungs. Armed with a DAW, and a poor quality audio recorder, for new situations. There are rules to override, and wires to stretch. Capture the sound of stretching a copper string, an accidental breaking of glass and suddenly we are between mellowness and harshness, sadness and happiness. We are here to make a joyful noise, because all impulses escape prototyping.

‘Our model is sound’, so lets go down and burn up the road. Leave your etched traumas behind.

Last but not least, we’d like to thank all of our downloaders over the last three years.


Contains two exclusive bonus tracks by Italian prolific artist
Sonologyst titled ‘Guitar Indication 6 – Red Vision‘ and
from the forthcoming album ‘Ipsissima Voce‘ of Unsample Greek duet titled ‘Dulce Periculum‘.

We also thank Milo for his help.

Free download here

[ET71] Zoran – ..and then there was life

..and then there was lifeWe welcome Zoran to our net label. ‘..and then there was life’ is a twenty two minutes journey of sheer ambient drone beauty. Zoran is a solo soundart project from Nazarje, Slovenia and his goal is love and understanding through sound, accepting the unknown and free minded creativity.

An Etched Traumas release ET71 August 2014

Free Download

[ET66] VeDaKR – ‘Nokia Tapes’

Nokia Tapes EPEvidence of the urban environment, recordings of modern life, the noise that reveals the truth, the VeDaKR’s ‘Nokia Tapes‘ are an eclectic repository of recorded audio clips for the archivist of a dystopian future.


An Etched Traumas release ET66 July 2014

Free Download


[ET48] Lord Havoc – Futuristic Space Invasion

Futuristic Space InvasionEtched Traumas is more than happy to release Lord Havoc’s work titled ‘Futuristic Space Invasion’. A cosmic journey into uncharted territories. Celestial drones, low and high frequencies experiments in a science fiction lab.

Lord Havoc, or Rakun, or Jus, is a (dark) ambient artist from Slovenia. His ambition to make music comes from life, experimentation and science fiction. He has been making it for a few years, mostly experimenting, but occasionally deciding to do more serious music. Lord Havoc likes to read a lot, is a mudder and very interested in science, nuclear stuff and astronomy.

Free download get it here.

[ET46] Sonvol – Mixtapes

MixtapesEtched Traumas is more than happy to present the noise project of Sonvol titled ‘Mixtapes‘. Sonvol is a noise producer from Slovenia and ‘Mixtapes’ consists of sounds produced between 2007-2013 in Kranj, Slovenia.

All sounds: Sonvol

Painting: Stojan Knežević
Design: BroodingSideOfMadness

An Etched Traumas release July  2013 ET46 Free download, get it here