[ET95] <1 - orphan source

orphan sourceorphan source” has been created by using a contained framework of algorithms, equations and timescales associated with radioactive decay.

An Etched Traumas release ET95 April 2016

<1 is based somewhere in the UK and aims to construct soundscapes that resonate with each individual listener’s imagination, fears and anxieties.

all tracks constructed by <1
track 2 contains a sample of ‘yuggoth‘ by tungsten grasshopper, used with kind permission
Graphics: GASworks

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URL:  lessthanone.bandcamp.com

[ETS01] Yaws – Yaws



We are introducing the Etched Traumas single series along with our main EP and album releases. We are more than happy to present you the first release of our single series by Yaws. Known (or not-known) for attention to detail in his compositions and a lo-fi approach and aesthetic in creating music, Yaws makes rhythmic soundscapes, exploring long and expanding improvisations through repetition, static and noise. Taking influence from artists such as HTRK, Deutsch Nepal, Coil and Craig Leon, his music is an incessant, yet subtle perpetual groove which intends to tap into a rhythmic continuum which transcends the listener.


released 18 February 2015

Created by Yaws (AU/UK) soundcloud.com/yawss

Mastered by Christoph Grote-Beverborg at Dubplates and Mastering, Berlin.

Artwork by Prosper Unger-Hamilton  prosperuh.tumblr.com

An Etched Traumas release ETS01 February 2015

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[ET73] DR – 4 Drones


4 Drones

Etched Traumas is more than happy to release this fantastic drone ambient 20 minutes EP by DR. Fascinating and ‘microscopic’ melodies evolve into a mesmerizing ambiance.

DR (Dominic Razlaff) is an Electronica & Ambient musician from Braunschweig, Germany. He uses Synthesizers, Field Recordings, Tape Loops & some digital Effects to create Melancholy, Deep, Ambient / Drone Soundscapes


An Etched Traumas release ET73 October 2014

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[ET65] René Baptist Huysmans – Anthropologies of the Void


Anthropologies of the Void

We are more than happy to release the second work by René Baptist for Etched Traumas. Though harmonious and breathtakingly beautiful from a distance, the universe is a violent and inhospitable place that is not even indifferent to our existence: it very well exists despite us, has done so long before us and will do so for a very long time after our demise. Yet, the more our Earth becomes a pale blue dot, the more our concept of space

seems to be imbued with the familiar world we directly see around us: a Martian volcano ‘the size of France’, astronomical ‘forests’, ‘birth’ and ‘death’ of a star, the search for an exo-planet like Earth, perhaps even an alien civilisation like our own. Space exploration is also an exploration of ourselves. The universe is here. Our metaphors aptly express this dual nature: strangely familiar and familiarly strange at the same time.

These drony textures, long and slowly developing lines with a minimum of sonic events and the recursive application of an audio-effect over and over again evoke (I hope) our ever so human metaphorical wondering—and wandering—and where it allows us to dwell.


René Baptist Huysmans (1969 -) is a self-taught composer of electronic and electro-acoustic music with a background in ethnolinguistics. He lives and works in Amsterdam and Berlin. His music is expressionistic and he is fascinated by new, as yet unheard sounds and textures. His pieces are often described as narrative and visually evocative.

An Etched Traumas release ET65 July 2014

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[ET60] Martin Hoogeboom – Colony

ColonyEtched Traumas is more than happy to release ‘Colony‘ by Martin Hoogeboom. ‘Colony’ is a soundscape work based on sounds of ants. Martin says about ‘Colony‘ :

“It might be an ethical concern to fill an ant’s nest with molten aluminium, to let it cool down and to then dig it up. But this is the only way to get a building which looks like it has been designed by an alien architect.

Recent studies have shown that ants regularly communicate with each other by sound. Most ants have a natural washboard and plectrum built-in into their stomach. By rubbing these against each other, they create sound. This enables the queen to order her workers. Researchers can record these sounds, which are the basis of Colony, with the newest audio techniques.

Recording Colony

Recording Colony

I gave sound designer Theo Calis and trumpet player Ed van den Berkel the following instructions for improvisation: autumn forest, cold, blue sky, strong wind, chasing clouds.

Collecting sound sources for a new three-piece soundscape

Collecting sound sources for a new three-piece soundscape

In the same forest where you are enjoying your walk, a superorganism is building complex colonies. Like aliens on a new planet.”

Instrument used in 'Colony'; made ​​of slate and called Klingel 1

Instrument used in ‘Colony’; made ​​of slate and called Klingel 1

An Etched Traumas ET60 release February 2014


Written and performed by Martin Hoogeboom, Ed van den Brekel & Theo Calis.

I am very grateful to everyone for their support and commitment to this project.

[ET55] Jaguar Mín – Anhedonia EP


Anhedonia EP

Etched Traumas is more than happy to release ‘Anhedonia‘ a collection of improvised guitar soundscapes by Jaguar Mín. Distant sea memories and improvised dreamy arpeggios with an exploratory approach, synthesize an imaginary guitarscape journey which is about to take place.

Harrison Banfield is a new media artist and musician based in South Wales, producing work under the moniker Jaguar Mín.

Harrison is an eclectic musician, currently focusing on sound design, soundscaping and experimental electronic music. He produces an ongoing series of short EPs featuring contrasting styles. He works mainly with found footage sourced from the Internet and social networks, exploring a range of contemporary issues through the filter of social media- with a particular interest in voyeurism, the human body and advanced capitalism.

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An Etched Traumas release ET55


All sounds by Jaguar Mín

Photography and design by BroodingSideOfMadness

[ET54] Red Clouds – Burning Sky

Burning Sky‘Burning Sky’ is the second album of Red Clouds for Etched Traumas. Red Clouds’ distinctive ambient dronology incorporates noise and natural elements. Listen to the windy frequencies captured outside a Weyland-Yutani Corporation plant. 😉

ET54 An Etched Traumas release January 2014 Free Download here


Red Clouds is James Hoehl and he comes from the East Coast of USA. In the last 20 years there are discrete values, which characterize his work such as dark ambient soundscapes, space noise, drone and collaged sounds.

James Hoehl – all instruments, sounds and computer noise
BroodingSideOfMadness – Cover photograph and design

[ET51] dr guilty – Untitled

UntitledWe are more than happy to release dr guilty’s latest work. dr guilty was born in the early 70s somewhere in Italy. First musical experiences date back to the mid 80s — playing electric guitar in an utterly forgotten noise combo that recorded only 2 tracks. He started making electronic music in the early 2000s. Get it here


dr guilty – all sounds

All tracks were recorded live circa may-october 2013.

Visit artist’s page: soundcloud.com/dr-guilty

An Etched Traumas release ET51 November 2013

[ET47] Katajamäki – What The Swan Saw

What The Swan SawEtched Traumas is more than happy to present the latest works of Finnish artist Katajamäki, entitled ‘What The Swan Saw’. The opening track is a deep melancholic ambient work set, which is the framework of this EP. Encapsulating a huge vintage 70s ambient electronic synthesized feel of underwater sounds, resembling cold breezes, whales-like tones and sweeping sounds which construct an inspired work, somewhere between Tangerine Dream and Cluster. In the introverted ‘As the cold sun sets’ Katajamäki builds a perfect ambience with an open horizon and a proper deep feel. The final track renders the same frosty picture but the addictive synth pattern and the laidback downtempo beats are the optimistic ending to ‘What The Swan Saw’. From deep underwater scenery we are relocated to mountain peaks. Katajamäki charismatically depicts such antithetic soundscapes.

Free download. Get it here.

[ET41] Utu Lautturi – Korpinkorva EP

ET41 Utu Lautturi - KorpinkorvaImmersion. Fire. The surrounding nature engulfs us. Comes and goes. Have a glimpse on the likely dark chamber of sanity. Nature and human escapist scapes. Crow’s ear. Immersion in the magnificent soundscape of Utu. The journey is cathartic, we endure and we endure and we endure…

Etched Traumas proudly presents Korpinkorva EP. Korpinkorva is a four-piece audio journey through life plagued by mental disorder. Blending acoustic instrumentation, organic field recordings, sung and spoken vocals with noise and sound manipulation, it takes the listener deep into the subconscious of Utu Lautturi.
Doom, anxiety and desolation merge with fragile moments of hope in an esoteric soundscape.

All along building a strong sense of communion with nature. Sounds and lyrics inspired by the ever-flowing cycle of atomic re-arrangement…the daunting, yet invigorating experience of being one with a chaotic, hostile, murdering universe…how it all binds a broken mind into wells of despair and struggle, yet invokes courage and relentlessness in the face of personal demise.

Korpinkorva is an attempt in making auditive sense of the senseless things within. It is a up-close and intimate reflective pool which hopefully reflects back when dipped deep enough into.

An Etched Traumas release May 2013


Recorded and compiled in various locations, remote and homely, in Finland during 2009-2012.

  • All musical and vocal arrangements by Utu Lautturi.
  • Acoustic guitar improvisation on Kevään syö veri by Antti Silventoinen.
  • Lyrics and spoken word on Näin lähden by Jaakko Huotari.
  • Mixed by Utu Lautturi
  • Mastered by Wille Hermansson
  • Photography – Utu Lautturi
  • Design – ArsonDPI  www.arsondpi.gr
  • Video: http://vimeo.com/60598269 by Ville Aarnikko

Utu Lautturi

In a desperate attempt to transform flesh into sound, Utu Lautturi was born. To force the shattered shards of a broken mind into audible reflective surfaces and summon guides in the endeavor of hermetic re-creation. Produced by whatever means, when and wherever, unrestrained by genre or method, Utu Lautturi’s sounds are a second skin. It is difficult to separate sound and word from man. All of his work relies on improvisation, snipping shadows off moments gone, and arduously attempting to compile them again into something vaguely familiar. Something to rest on and reach inside from. For if there is something sacred to Utu Lautturi, be it muddy and foul or gleaming pure, it must be imagination.

Free Download here

[ET40] Audraulic – Synthetic Cognition

Synthetic CognitionEtched Traumas is more than happy to release the latest work titled ‘Synthetic Cognition’ of Audraulic the experimental electronic outfit created by Jez Mond. Audraulic uses both analogue and digital synths, along with field recordings (most of which will be heavily manipulated) to create large encompassing soundscapes with the focus on an active and mobile mix. Jez has been influenced by many styles of music. He began by listening to and composing Grindcore music back in the late 80’s. Having played guitar in a few bands, he then discovered acid and electronic music. This radically altered his perceptions and opened his mind to new styles of music, including Ambient music and most importantly Tangerine Dream.

Jez now listens to predominantly Ambient and Electro music, but also loves a good soundtrack (Jon Hopkins, Cliff Martinez, David Julyan, and not forgetting the Classic Vangelis Blade Runner soundtrack). Audraulic’s sound is a reflection of these styles and is therefore quite eclectic, having no fixed style or genre, but is mostly dark in its nature. All Audraulic tracks are written, performed and produced by Jez Mond, who lives in Dubai.

An Etched Traumas release ET40 April 2013


Written, performed and produced by Jez Mond.

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[ET35] René Baptist Huysmans – Dawn of the Anthropocene

Etched Traumas is more than happy to release ‘Dawn of the Anthropocene‘. René Baptist Huysmans comes from the Netherlands. He uses field recordings of urban sounds that he manipulates beyond recognition playing with various software. As he says “My favorite percussion instruments turn out to be trains in stations, my favorite ensemble construction workers at a site. A train journey from Amsterdam to Berlin can be a six-hour-symphony”.

The discovery here on Earth of extremophile micro-organisms, organisms that thrive in otherwise extremely hostile environments, was an important breakthrough because it extended the possibilities of life within our solar system and on exo-planets orbiting other stars.
The names of these organisms is a particular source of inspiration to me. There are the Oligotrophs, organisms capable of growth in nutritionally limited environments, there are the Cryptoendoliths, organisms that live within microscopic spaces in rocks, to mention a few. But when we send probes to distant worlds to look for alien extremophiles, aren’t we also looking for ourselves? The three tracks explore the human being as an extremophile organism, an organism testing the boundaries of what it is capable of digesting chemically, digitally and psychologically.

Free download. Get it here

[ET23] Ten Thirty – Le rêve d’Endymion

Etched Traumas is more than happy to release ‘Le rêve d’Endymion’ work by french duo Ten Thirty. Ten Thirty is a duo project born in 2008 and located in France.
Inspired by 20th-century classical composers and by ritual chants, Ten Thirty improvise during live sessions dreamlike soundscapes with industrial sounds, field recordings, samples and synthesizers. Most of these paradoxical and enigmatic ballades are regarded as an “acoustic-mental cinema”.

Free download here!

[ET17] Red Clouds – The Introduction Of A New Species

The Introduction Of A New SpeciesWe are more than happy to release the latest work of US artist Red Clouds titled ‘The Introduction Of A New Species’.


A thick dark ocean of space ambient frequencies or the sound of uncharted universe? Red Clouds continues to experiment with cosmic noises in these four magnificent tracks. The dominant dark ambient soundscape attribute is a container that encapsulates subtle elements such as a futuristic cosmic subject-matter, a laborious frequency manipulation and drone and collaged sounds. His work could be a field recording in a location of a remote solar system or the slowly ever changing distant lights of a city. They look static but there are not. A value found in the essence of ambient music as defined by Mixmaster Morris.