We feel like explorers; we travel light years in distance via unheard sounds springing from our lungs. Armed with a DAW, and a poor quality audio recorder, for new situations. There are rules to override, and wires to stretch. Capture the sound of stretching a copper string, an accidental breaking of glass and suddenly we are between mellowness and harshness, sadness and happiness. We are here to make a joyful noise, because all impulses escape stereotyping.

‘Our model is sound’, so let’s go down and burn up the road. Leave your etched traumas behind.

Demo Policy:

We are into exceptional sounds. If you feel that your work matches our taste send us a message.

We will not accept works that:

  1. contain copyrighted material or uncleared samples of other people’s work.
  2. support racism, religious fundamentalism and are pro-religion and pro animal abuse.
  3. are homophobic.