23RedAnts-image live23RedAnts is a duet (Macarena Montesinos and Niet F-n) that comes from Vigo, Spain. Mainly based on free improvisation, the duet moves in different directions mixing noise, melody, glitch music, silences, field recordings, loops and irregular rhythms in always new and surprising ways.

Ambient Blackhearts Division

Ambient Blackhearts Division is a ritualistic black ambient, Power-electronics, Power-noise solo project by Lorenzo Gasparella (Vocals, evocations, rituals, synthesizers, field recordings, samples) based in Rome and active since 2010.


AUDRAULIC_FACE_lowAudraulic is an experimental electronic outfit created by Jez Mond who lives in Dubai. Audraulic uses both analogue and digital synths, along with field recordings (most of which will be heavily manipulated) to create large encompassing soundscapes with the focus on an active and mobile mix. Jez has been influenced by many styles of music. Audraulic’s sound is a reflection of these styles and is therefore quite eclectic, having no fixed style or genre, but is mostly dark in its nature.

Guido Bisocoli

Guido Bisocoli is an Argentinean composer and drummer and his works are diverse as he always likes to try new sounds and styles. Rock in Opposition, microtonalism, electroacoustic works, minimalism, extreme progressive metal, dodecaphony, are some of them. His particular sound style is at times obscure other times joyful, at times aggressive other times calm, at times dense other times shallow. Immerse yourself in his music.


Bitsev is the solo live project of Gusev K.P. from Russian Federation. Gusev K.P. uses electric and electronic instruments live building free jazz ambient textures and minimal structures.

blue dressed man

Since the late nineties the Luxembourg based Jacques H. incarnates blue dressed man, an experimental audio/visual artist. His direct influences are: environment, daily living, woods, urban nature, and withdrawal.
In the past few years he self produced a couple of albums & EPs distributed by various labels in Germany, Luxembourg and Italy.


BroodingSideOfMadness is interested in phonemes, graph theory, realism and any dystopian ambience. He prefers using acoustic material than synthetic and he always seeks for the generative element in his tracks. His diverse work comprises of two large choices the one with lyricism and melody and the noisy one, sometimes he merges those two. He tackles with sound and moving image as a composer and a video artist. He is the founder of Etched Traumas netlabel.



DAP, was born at the end of 2012, with the intention of exploring the cosmos and micro cosmos of man, through drawings and visionary soundscapes, drawing also on the electronic music scene of the past 40 years! More musical inspirations were, among others, Kraftwerk, Tangerin Dream, Klaus Schultze and Jean Michele Jarre.
Everything is produced through the use of a DAW, using only virtual plugin, iPad, recordings sound fields and manipulations of sounds.


DARKSTAR83_LOGO3Darkstar83 is the one-man-project of Kostas Konstandinidis from Greece. Darkstar83 started composingmusic in 2009 using computer software and midi synthesizers. One can file his music under minimalistic ambient, but sometimes he injests experimental elements using fast and slow rhythms. The formed soundscapes introduce you to the melancholic atmosphere of Darkstar83’s mind, of dark images of space and of very personal feelings. Kostas says: “I cannot read music at all, and I can only play by ear”. He suggests listening to his tracks using earphones with flat equalization, so that the atmospheres on which  the pieces are built, become perceptible.

dr guilty


dr guilty was born in the early 70s somewhere in Italy. First musical experiences date back to the mid 80s — playing electric guitar in an uttelry forgotten noise combo that recorded only 2 tracks. He started making electronic music in the early 2000s.



Earhead comes from Turkey and started to make music at the age of 14. He recorded his first analog noises with poor record devices such as phones etc. While being into psychoacoustics and experimental music he experimented with two other music projects: the Plastic Age and the Darkoccult. Today he has a huge musical arsenal consisting of conventional instruments such as acoustic/electric guitar, piano, synths and vocals and unconvetional ones such as tea cups, knives, spoons etc. He has a distinctive noise and eschatological sound footprint.


eidoscognitio is Alejandro Betancourt, an electroacoustic performer from Venezuela. Alejandro was born in Barquisimeto, Lara and started to compose, play and perform live on his early 30΄s.
In his work he tends to explore the richness and the always interesting evolving atmospheres of all soundscapes he can get: Field recordings, sound libraries and synthesizer/sampler generated ones. His work is heavily influenced by ambient music, he rarely uses rhythm loops, although he creates the sense of a beat using a virtual effect plug-in that allows him to loop a certain fragment of his performance.

The Electric Poet

ElectricPoet_smallThe Electric Poet hails from the United States and has been recording guitar based loops for over ten years. Follow him through the wormhole to his weird little world.

Nicholas Fair

Nicholas Fair comes from Texas, USA and he is a prolific and talented experimental artist. He’s been writing and recording short instrumentals for thirteen years along with other numerous filmscore and band projects. Nicholas releases works under various monikers on his Gnosis Antiquarius label, such as Electronic Meditation Program, Vibrant Ones, Kali Yuga etc.

Nelson P. Ferreira & Rui Paulino

Nelson P. Ferreira & Rui Paulino are Portuguese sound and visual artists. They both create deep drone and noise ambient works. Nelson releases music as AVOIDANT and Rui as Ecos.

Fire to the Stars

firetothestarsFire to the Stars is an Australian six-piece band making glorious melancholia suitable for geographical outposts, these tracks soothe and despair simultaneously.


Gimu is no stranger to music. With over 20 years of expansive musical exposure, Gimu’s experimental sound has been influenced by many genres. As well as being composed of completely original textures. We cannot describe his music in one word. He has graced us with dark ambient, haunting and beautiful drones, atmospheric subtlety and other experimental sounds. He has over 20 releases to his name. He has released recordings on such well-known labels as Heat Death, Rural Colors, Pocket Fields, Heart and Soul, TOC Label, Twisted Tree Line, Constellation Tatsu, Sacred Phrases etc. He also has self-released albums and eps out on Bandcamp and Soundcloud. He has been involved with other multiple projects, including running and singing in synth pop band “terrorturbo” in the past and a poetry sound project entitled “Caterpillars Dressed In Their Finest”.
Whatever Gimu does, we are always in for something surprising. He keeps his sounds new yet there is always a signature style in his work.

Martin Hoogeboom

etbiofotoOutsider artist from the Netherlands. Improvisations are always starting point of his soundscapes. 
The end result is a mixture of careful editing, chance, the balance between acoustic/electronic sources 
and field recordings. All this combined with the desire to tell a compact story usually closely linked to 
the landscapes in his immediate environment.

René Baptist Huysmans

René Baptist Huysmans comes from the Netherlands. He uses field recordings of urban sounds that he manipulates beyond recognition playing with various software. As he says “My favorite percussion instruments turn out to be trains in stations, my favorite ensemble construction workers at a site. A train journey from Amsterdam to Berlin can be a six-hour-symphony.”


islandInvader comes from Greece. The last twelve years – in and out of sanity – she improvises with acoustic and electric instruments.


IOK-1 is David Bengtsson, a dark ambient drone artist from “Somewhere in the woods” in Sweden as he says. The main characteristic of his work is the mesmerizing long and dark ambient drones that invite us to an exhilarating ominous path. His main influences are New Risen Throne, Jesu, Earth, Avgrunden . IOK-1 has releases in DNA Production, Witte Dood Records and deersound.


Katajamäki comes from Finland and creates beautiful ambient and optimist soundscapes. As he says his purpose is to create blue sounds that fit someone’s evenings.


Kaztalien is an ambient project from Tambov, Russia. He creates rich drone ambient textures enhanced with field recordings since 2010. Kaztalien appeared in the summer of 2010 as a single experiment with natural sounds. Later these experiments evolved into mono-project «ПБН» – russian acronym of «no name yet». The summer of 2011 was a period when natural sounds of this project were mixed with synthesizers and low drones. This new sound became the starting point of «Kaztalien». Main theme and inspiration source of the project is the coexistence of Nature and Civilization in the modern world. Kaztalien has already two releases: «Woldsongs» – split-album with Azkr – which contains their first remixed experiments and a couple of new tracks and a solo album called «Humanature».


Lezet is Igor Jovanovic and comes from Požega, Serbia. Lezet is an one-man experimental music project in 2005 and he has released more than 45 albums. “Someone’s comment about the sound of Lezet (Igor Jovanović) was ‘like Zorn without saxophone’…And indeed, Lezet’s work could remind the results of “the game theory”, which John Zorn exercised on his debut “Locus Solus”, for example…The fact that Lezet doesn’t use only live instruments will probably disconnect it from the avant garde free jazz scene, but I suppose the coming under some specific style wasn’t the intent in this case anyway. It’s about free experiments with sound captures in search for the surprises. And it can’t be pretentious as such…” (extract taken from the “Black Syrup” zine #2 (Serbia, 2007)).

Lord Havoc

Lord HavocLord Havoc, or Rakun, or Jus, is a (dark) ambient artist from Slovenia. His ambition to make music comes from life, experimentation, science fiction and other things. He has been making it for a few years, mostly experimenting, but occasionally deciding to do more serious music. Lord Havoc likes to read a lot, is a mudder and very interested in science, nuclear stuff and astronomy.

m is for mason

“m is for mason” is Mason Evans, producer and musician from Panama City Beach, Florida, USA. His works usually include dark vibes, laced with heavy break-beats and relaxing ambiance. New to the production game, he strives to create his own unique sound, which is almost impossible to replicate.

melophobia (μελωφοβια)

melophobia comes from Greece. He likes to experiment with long noise and drone sounds intermingled with field recordings and acoustic sounds. melophobia is heavily influenced by contemporary artists such as merzbow and early ’90s shoegaze scene. He is active with his ultra-limited releases of his 3″/5″ CDr label ‘illicit-tapes’. He cherishes the piles of his priceless jap noise C-xx tapes and obscure vinyls. Delve into the harshness of his work.


NRoman_picN.Roman is an experimental and drone producer, born and living in Valladolid (Spain). He is also very involved in netlabelism since 2008, with EPs released in several netlabels (aka Dubkrauz).


Nobodisoundz comes from France and first started this sound-making project by cobbling together music samples, sounds, field recordings and the results of his fiddling with audio software. These sounds completed his works and added an atmosphere within and around his paintings, subsequent installations and videos. He looks for dense, heavy, noisy, squeaky, tense and quiet atmospheres, which have to be both dark and bright at the same time.


N.U.T.E. come from Greece and formed in 1991 by Nikos and Kostas Istavrioglou. They have numerous releases since 1992 in physical formats, and they’ve played so far over eighty shows. During the last years N.U.T.E. have supported acts such as Prodigy, Altern8, NRG, Shamen and Adamski. Dig the killer electro breakbeat of N.U.T.E.

Other Matter

other_matter_bannerSince 2011, Kristof and Palomo (Other Matter duo) they are wandering the dreary toxic spaces above, witnessing to the weakness of the human mind confronted with, and ultimately defeated by, the darkness, – all darkness. Michel Kristof: electric guitar, electric esraj, sitar. Born 1966. Solo work on guitars and electrified indian instruments as MKF’s Approach. Since 2010 in free jazz godfather Sonny Simmons’ Moksha Samnyasin with Thomas Bellier (Blaak Heat Shujaa) and Sébastien Bismuth (Abrahma). Guest appearances with Ehécatl. Julien Palomo: synthesizers, organ, piano, tape manipulations. Born 1978. Producer for Improvising Beings (Sonny Simmons, François Tusques, Alan Silva, Sabu Toyozumi, Itaru Oki, Giuseppi Logan…). Also performing in post-pop group Babooszchka.


Ophed is the artistic project of Sylvain Desfossés from Québec, Canada. Aside from his work in the music education field, he is a composer influenced by various genres of music, ranging between 20th century classical composers to contemporary popular, popular dance styles and from south American rhythmic to the simple complexity of polyphonic African music or polyrhytmics of the tribal dances of Indonesia. He seeks a perpetual fluid motion element as he always tries to build a consistent shape out of a fluid, a never ending energy. He has been composing for about 20 years and has worked with visual arts and musical experimentations. Basically using minimalistic techniques, he uses random set patterns, reverse audio, spoken samples, detune, distortion, and explores polyrhythmic and polyphonic soundscapes. For him, music is a language therefore he gives priority to the message he wants to communicate.



DR (Dominic Razlaff) is an Electronica & Ambient musician from Braunschweig, Germany.
He uses Synthesizers, Field Recordings, Tape Loops & some digital Effects to create Melancholy, Deep, Ambient / Drone Soundscapes

Martin Rach

Martin Rach

Speech call. Is that not how all graphomaniacs start? Hearing the call. No. Feeling the itch. Better now. The old radio. Tune between FM frequencies, but no song. Not a one
damn song. All babble. All pussy, tit, love love love, till vomit or ejaculate. Same thing. That don’t arouse me anymore. So much the better. Switch to short waves. Shift amidst stations, static, find the beatings, now, some song, at least at last. Some play. What else (one needs)? Some rice, some onion, some carrot, if that. One don’t need much, when one prepares. Turn the radio off.
Some tea, cheap tasteless tea, pour water, all is good. A cigarette, all is better. Then the sky, less cloudy, the better. Waiting. Such are waiting times. Maybe the mountain, some sea. One needs less, when preparing. Or, even better, not getting wasted. Clean in old cloths. Some little light and far city ambiance. Itch stopping. Not wasted. Not.

Red Clouds

Red Clouds is James Hoehl and he comes from East Coast of USA. In the last 20 years there are discrete values, which characterize Red Clouds work. The dominant dark ambient soundscape is a container that encapsulates subtle elements such as a futuristic cosmic subject-matter, a laborious frequency manipulation and drone and collaged sounds. His work could be a field recording in a location of a remote solar system or the slowly ever changing distant lights of a city.

Room Of Roots

Small NoisesMilo was born in London in 1997 and started showing an interest in music at the age of 11, and by 17 it is now his passion. He is influenced heavily by electronic and experimental music, but also includes elements of ambient and classical styles. His painting and writing act as parallel practices, and convey the same emotion to the reader or viewer as the music does to it’s listener. Much of the music he makes explores the thin line between minimalism and complexity, whilst retaining a sense of coherence. The fact that none of the sounds or effects are created with a computer is very important to Milo, as he believes that the ability to make anything you want immediately actually hinders creativity. The sole use of acoustic, analogue or circuit bent instruments allows his recording process to be totally spontaneous.

Paco Rossique

Paco Rossique lives and works in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (Spain). He has lived and studied in Madrid and Florence (Italy). With a career spanning over twenty years as an artist, his work include paintings, murals, sound art pieces, sculptures, prints, magazine articles, art-books, illustrations for newspapers and curatorship.
He has composed sound art pieces, such as those for the exhibition “90% Water” with Mónica Aranegui and Jose J. Torres  in the Library of the University Carlos III, Madrid 2011, Soundtracks for the “Land for the future: sustainable development” in the Elder Museum of Science and Technology Las Palmas de Gran Canaria and soundtrack “Planning the insular Landscape.” Special Territorial Plan of the landscape of Gran Canaria. Biennial of the Canaries 2009.


Salem:1976 comes from USA. He constructs his audio work using laptop, circuit bent telephone, tape machines, FX processors, and anything he can field record. He is the founding member of the Coterminous Collectiv, a group of upstate NY experimental musicians and releases work under various names such as Nineveh, Stochastic, Kuato Lives, or The Cubes.


sonologystSonologyst was born in Naples (Italy), in May the 8th, 1971. After studying mathematics and physics at Naples University, he graduated as a sound technician in 1999. In 2000 he started experimenting with electronic mediums, and the result was a 4 track album released as ‘Memorie Elettroniche Sonore’ (on PeopleSound, a record label sponsored by TDK). After that he studied guitar and improving his technical skills in the electronic music field, returning to produce music, finalizing many ideas he had in previous years. Sonologyst bases this project on the perpetual experiment in sound, looking back to early experimentation of the Fifties and Sixties of Berio, Stockhausen, Ferrari, Parmegiani, Subotnik explorations, forwarding to the future possibilities of electronic and electro-acoustic instruments, with a special attention to the relationships between music and science, between music and other art forms, including experimental cinema and ancient mythologies. Many of Sonologyst compositions have mathematical concepts, that serves as inspiration. Although this relationship, the structures are not rigid – all pieces are almost completely improvised. That’s why he calls his music “experimental”, meaning that the result is unpredictable. Sonologyst research continues with experimental guitar manipulations and into more remote soundscapes, and sonic abstractions territories.


SonvolSonvol is a noise producer from Slovenia and he has numerous digital noise experimental releases.

Ten Thirty

Ten Thirty is a duo project born in 2008 and located in France.
Inspired by 20th-century classical composers and by ritual chants, Ten Thirty improvise during live sessions dreamlike soundscapes with industrial sounds, field recordings, samples and synthesizers. Most of these paradoxical and enigmatic ballades are regarded as an “acoustic-mental cinema”.

Marina Tozzi

Marina TozziMarina Tozzi was born in Bologna in 1979. After 15 years of classical piano training, she likes to create delicate noise constructions and mess with futile traditional tonic meters.




Unciviliz comes from Greece. He is an “ex-sound engineer” – as he likes to describe himself – and experiments with tons of noisy sonic blasts and  soundbites, creating miniaturesque noise works. His audio works are radical, unorthodox but you can always discover a humorous side either in his track titles or in his compositions.

Utu Lautturi

UTU_SMALLIn a desperate attempt to transform flesh into sound, Utu Lautturi was born. To force the shattered shards of a broken mind into audible reflective surfaces and summon guides in the endeavor of hermetic re-creation. Produced by whatever means, when and wherever, unrestrained by genre or method, Utu Lautturi’s sounds are a second skin. It is difficult to separate sound and word from man. All of his work relies on improvisation, snipping shadows off moments gone, and arduously attempting to compile them again into something vaguely familiar. Something to rest on and reach inside from. For if there is something sacred to Utu Lautturi, be it muddy and foul or gleaming pure, it must be imagination.

Valley Of Capsules

Valley Of CapsulesValley of Capsules is based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, and creates cinematic soundmirrors and collages by remorphing audiosources of many kinds. “The soundscapes suggest a mystery of an exotically dark but alluring astral realm.”

VICTIM! (Cadu Tenório)


VICTIM! is an extreme music project inspired, among other practices, by power electronics and noise, making extensive use of field recordings.VICTIM!’s music is guided by effective connections with sounds, similar to the link that you can have with a place, that is filled, as the field recordings that fill the tracks. People talk, cars pass. Listen to VICTIM!’s music also means reflecting about the day-to-day in each city, the conversations heard, and, deeply, the place of subjectivity in all of this, which is solved in the other sound elements present.
VICTIM! is a solo project by Cadu Tenório.

 Vox Populi!

Vox Populi! is a freeform alternative music project. Based in Paris, France, their style incorporates elements from psychedelic music, Persian folklore and all sorts of mind elevating sound forms since 1982.

the wolfgirl liberation

the wolfgirl liberation comes from the United Kingdom and started composing music at the end of the 90’s. His distinctive sound comprises of contradictory elements such as breakbeat rhythm patterns, magnificently emotional string arrangements and meticulously crafted field recordings. His goal is the music will take us on journeys and through places. “In my music there is always hope, an escape. If we were just to climb over that wall we would be somewhere new.” he says. “However dark it gets there is always an exit. We are only ever visiting.


Zerogroove comes from Italy, his music is a mix between fragments of sounds, silences and broken rhythms. Above all he is a guitarist who’s in love with rhythm. Zerogroove’s technique has been influenced by Arto Lindsay, David Byrne and Sonic Youth guitar playing. After the initial recording, he structures his work via a process called ‘sound-breaking’, then he creates rhythm patterns that could be a modulation of white noise, a drum kick, a bass sound or silence used as a ‘space rhythm’ instrument. Silence is a sound as well for Zerogroove. All his music is played live and nothing is sampled except voices that act as an homage. His objective is to develop a distinct personal style based on dirty sounds as in post-punk bands of the 1980s and concrete and multiform rhythms.


Zoran is a solo soundart project from Nazarje, Slovenia. Since 2008 Zoran is working on electronic music composing and lucid sound tripping. Zoran was always into music, first as a listener, then as a singer with street-metal band Podplat, then as a rapper and hip-hop producer in his project Pifka. From time to time he still makes a rap tune, but his first love is electronic drone/ambient/experimental soundart. Zoran makes music with computer software using midi keyboard. Adding effects or not, it doesn’t matter, manipulating beyond understanding than crushing down to minimal, it’s all the same for Zoran because all is sound. Zoran was influenced by 80’s and 90’s music of all genres. Zoran’s goal is love and understanding through sound, accepting the unknown and free minded creativity. Everything is sound and sound is all there is, this is Zoran.