[ET133] James Hoehl - Called Alien Transmission

FREE Download Time travel; an elusive concept that tantalizes us with its possibility a seductive mirage, an abstraction that teases us with its potential traveling across time, bearing witness to the genesis of the cosmos or altering the past to shape our destiny? time; a figment of our imagination that we use to impose order on the chaos of the universe an imaginary construct? an enigma that defies our understanding.

[ET132] Darkstar83 - Retrospective

FREE Download Darkstar83 is a one-man project by Kostas Konstandinidis from Greece. Kostas began composing music in 2009 using computer software and MIDI synthesizers. The resulting compositions can be classified as minimalistic ambient, though they sometimes incorporate experimental elements featuring fast and slow rhythms. These soundscapes introduce the listener to the melancholic atmosphere of Darkstar83’s mind, characterized by dark images of space and highly personal feelings. Konstandinidis states, “I am unable to read music and can only play by ear.

[ET131] EidosCogntio - A Pathetic Lounge Act

FREE Download eidoscognitio is Alejandro Betancourt, an electroacoustic performer from Venezuela. Alejandro was born in Barquisimeto, Lara and started to compose, play and perform live on his early 30΄s. In his work he tends to explore the richness and the always interesting evolving atmospheres of all soundscapes he can get: Field recordings, sound libraries and synthesizer/sampler generated ones. His work is heavily influenced by ambient music. He rarely uses rhythm loops, although he creates the sense of a beat using a virtual effect plug-in that allows him to loop a certain fragment of his performance.

[ET130] Lezet - Curds 6

FREE Download We are happy to release another work of prolific Lezet. Curds 6 is the sixth in the series of albums containing tracks for compilations that never got released. keywords: electronic, electronica,techno, experimental, synth, metal CREDITS: All sounds: Lezet Lezet logo: Ken Protecious An Etched Traumas release ET130 January 2020