[ET131] EidosCogntio - A Pathetic Lounge Act

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eidoscognitio is Alejandro Betancourt, an electroacoustic performer from Venezuela. Alejandro was born in Barquisimeto, Lara and started to compose, play and perform live on his early 30΄s. In his work he tends to explore the richness and the always interesting evolving atmospheres of all soundscapes he can get: Field recordings, sound libraries and synthesizer/sampler generated ones. His work is heavily influenced by ambient music. He rarely uses rhythm loops, although he creates the sense of a beat using a virtual effect plug-in that allows him to loop a certain fragment of his performance.

Etched Traumas is happy to release the third work of eidoscognitio titled ‘A Pathetic Lounge Act‘.


All sounds: eidoscognitio

An Etched Traumas release ET131 February 2021